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I pushed you away and I blamed you.

It was stupid and immature.

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Name:Kim Bauer
Birthdate:Oct 30, 1985
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
"You are the love of my life and I am so proud of you."
— Jack's recording


Kimberly Bauer was born in Santa Monica, California in 1985 to Jack and Teri Bauer. She attended Santa Monica High School with her best friend Janet York and once dated Vincent O'Brien. During her sophomore year, Teri kicked Jack out, Kim blaming her mother for that. Six months later, Jack moved back but Kim was still upset with her mother.

In 2002, after her mother's death the previous year, she dropped out of high school but obtained her GED the same year. She went on to get an associate degree in Computer Programming at Santa Monica College and pursued a career at CTU LA.

Kim was a target of terrorists in Nov 2001 because of her relation to Jack. In 2002, she was the au pair for a young girl whose father turned homicidal. By 2004 she worked as an intelligence agent at CTU Los Angeles, where she met Chase Edmunds. She eventually left CTU with Chase to start a life but Chase eventually left. She was later involved with a clinical psychologist named Barry Landes after she believed her father had been killed.

By 2013 (day 7), Kim was married and had a baby daughter named Teri, after her mother. She learned of the subpoena for her father and tried to contact him. When she finally managed to reach him she found out he had been infected with a lethal pathogen that would kill him within a day or two. She decided, against Jack's wishes, to undergo a dangerous stem cell treatment that could save his life. It worked.

Kim, Stephen, and their daughter Teri moved to New York while Jack continued to receive treatments. Kim and Jack re-established a loving relationship. When Kim and Stephen decided to move back to Los Angeles for Stephen's work, they asked Jack to move back with them and he agreed.

On the day they were to leave for LA (May 20, 2015), Jack was drawn back into CTU events yet again. Though he was going to leave with them anyway, Kim took some time to convince Jack to remain in NYC to help CTU, Kim and her family departed without him. They are still waiting for him to join them.

Physical Description: Kim is 5'3" and 105lbs. She has an athletic build, has short, straight blonde hair and blue eyes.


CTU Verse
with Samantha and Jack Bauer. - Kim moved in with her father Jack, stepmom Sam, and baby brother Joey after her mother was killed in November 2001 and lived there until she married John McClane, Jr in June 2009. She graduated from Santa Monica High School in 2004 and then Santa Monica College in 2006. She has a daughter named Teri (after her mother) born Sept 5, 2010 and a son named Samuel (after her stepmom Sam) born June 10, 2014. She has two younger brothers--Joey and Michael--and two younger sisters--Tori and Mckenzie. She lives in LA in Jack and Sam's former house in Encino with Johnny and the kids.

AU CTU with Samantha and Jack Bauer. - will complete later.


Kim Bauer is a fictional character from the TV series 24 and is portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert. Don't fuck with Kim or you WILL answer to Jack. Kim's not mine, neither is Jack (dammit), I'm just having fun and making no money from this.
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